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Author:Suspect Y
April Fools' Special

Visit Kishimojin Temple, also known as “〇〇pai Temple”!

Author:Suspect Y
Author:Suspect Y

The beginning of a new spring

Hello everyone! I’m Suspect Y, a writer of temples and shrines!

Tomorrow is the start of the new fiscal year.
Leaving the school behind, and becoming a working adult.
Moving or transferring to a new place.
There must be many of you who are taking a new step.

Whether you are excited about your new life,
or feeling a bit anxious and depressed,
why don’t you put aside your thoughts for a while and take a little break now?

Maruyama Park bustling with welcome parties
Maruyama Park bustling with welcome parties

Let’s start with a brain teaser of a difficult kanji quiz!

How do you read “四月一日”?
It’s not “shigatsu tsuitachi”!

Tick tock tick tock (sound of time passing♪)
The correct answer is “watanuki”.

In the old days, people used to pull out the cotton from their cotton-filled kimono on April 1st and change their clothes.
That’s how they came to call April 1st “watanuki”.

If you feel lighter in body and mind after shedding your thick coat, why don’t you try to expand your dreams?

Plenty of Dreams, Overwhelmed with Emotion!

On a spring day when the gentle sunlight pours down, what do you dream of?

A clean house that is always tidy, no matter who comes and when! A meal made with love by someone! A fortune! An immortal body! Beauty that makes everyone turn their heads!

There are as many dreams as people are.

Today, we are reporting on a temple that worships “that”, which everyone loves, young and old!

“What is that?”
Everyone tilts their heads innocently.
It’s “that” that is said to be the better the bigger(?)

Everyone blushes involuntarily.
You don’t have to be embarrassed!
The writer will give a serious report, so please stay with me with straight face too!

Let's go! To Kishimojin Temple, commonly known as the "Breast Temple"!

The Kishimojin Temple, also known as the “Breast Temple”, is located in the Kibune area, which is also known as a hotspring destination not far from Kyoto.

This is a place where people have visited for healing and cooling since ancient times.
The most popular power spot in the Kibune area might be the Kibune Shrine.
The Kibune Shrine is a shrine that worships the god of water.
It is also known that Izumi Shikibu, a female poet of the Heian period, prayed for reconciliation with her husband here, and it is also revered as a god of matchmaking.

  • Torii of Kibune Shrine
    Torii of Kibune Shrine
  • Laterns in Kibune Shrine
    Laterns in Kibune Shrine

We walk further into the forest for about fifteen minutes from the Kibune Shrine.
Then, we see a small mountain gate in the dense greenery.
That is the entrance to the Kishimojin Temple.

However, this mountain gate is surrounded by dense forest and many people miss it.
It is said that “the gate is only opened to the worshippers who have a sincere heart”!

Well, let’s go inside right away.

When we pass through the mountain gate, we can see the main hall in front of us.
The precinct is not very large, and there is a Chozuya for purification right after entering.

◆Sightseeing Spot 1 The Principal Image of Seated Statue of Nyoirin Kannon

The Kishimojin Temple is a venerable temple founded in the first year of Onin era.
The principal image is a dry lacquer seated statue of Nyoirin Kannon, which is rare for this period.
Do you know what dry lacquer looks like?
Dry lacquer is a technique of lacquer coating. You make a work using clay made from lacquer as the raw material.
You can create any shape freely, and you can make rich facial expressions, soft clothing, etc.
A representative work is the Asura statue of Kofukuji Temple.
The Asura statue has a slender body that reminds you of a boy, but the statue of Nyoirin Kannon of the Kishimojin Temple is the opposite.
It has a round and fleshy shape.
Especially, what overwhelms the viewer is the big breasts of the Nyoirin Kannon statue.
They are like melons in size.
Also, both of her thin and long hands are placed under her breasts to support them, which adds to the presence of her breasts.
The statue of Nyoirin Kannon of the Kishimojin Temple is usually not open to the public, but it is opened on the first Saturday and Sunday of August. It is said that a summer bon dance festival is also held at the time of the opening.

◆Sightseeing Spot 2 The Mother’s Milk Pine Trees, a Cultural Property Designated by Kyoto Prefecture

After visiting the main hall, the next thing I want you to see is the mother’s milk pine trees. There are two pine trees that are connected by their roots.

The Mother’s Milk Pine Trees
The Mother’s Milk Pine Trees

The Breast Milk Pine has the following legend:

What is the legend of the Breast Milk Pine?

Once upon a time, a pregnant woman arrived in Kibune, fleeing the turmoil in the capital. However, because she had walked so much, even though she was not yet due, she suddenly went into labor.
The newborn was weak and could not latch onto her breast properly. The woman's breasts swelled more and more, accompanied by pain.
She developed a fever and was delirious when an old woman appeared.

"If you offer your milk to the pine trees at Kishimojindo Temple, you will be cured," she said.

The woman squeezed out her milk onto the pine trees at Kishimojindo Temple. Then, the pain in her breasts eased off and her breasts returned to their original size.
Since then, the rumor spread that the mother’s milk pine would grant the wishes of those who had troubles with their breasts, and the temple became filled with women who came to pray.

◆Sightseeing Spot #3: The Breast Stone

When you go around the back of the main hall, you can hear the sound of the river.
This is because a branch of the Kifune River flows nearby.
On the way down to the river, there is a small shrine.
Inside, there are two stones the size of kagami mochi (rice cakes for New Year), and they are the breast stones.
They are great stones that can solve any problem with your breast.
You want to have glamorous breasts that captivate your lover.
You want to have a cool shape that you can be proud of when you wear a swimsuit.
You want to somehow stop them from sagging as you age.
I think everyone has their own problems.
To solve your problems clearly, you have to stroke the stones three times clockwise.
It may be a little embarrassing, but there are hardly any people behind the main hall!
Please try it with a solemn feeling.

The river flowing behind the main hall.
The river flowing behind the main hall.

There's no free lunch!? The secret of Kishimojin Temple
Kishimojin Temple is full of benefits for your breasts!
“I’ve never heard of Kishimojin Temple and the content sounds fishy, but it was interesting!” To those of you who think so.
You have a sharp perspective. Don’t you notice anything else?

Let’s review the beginning a little bit.

The sudden difficult kanji quiz. How do you read April 1st?
“It’s wata-nuki, right?”
I can hear such voices, but wait a minute.
You can also read it as “shigatsu tsuitachi”.
Rather, “shigatsu tsuitachi” is the standard way of reading it.

Do you realize it now?
Yes, April 1st is April Fool’s Day.
In other words, this article’s report is a lie!!!

“Damn you, you tricked me. Who the hell are you!?”
To those of you who are surprised.
I’m sorry for being late! I’m the suspect Y, aka the familiar writer Yugao.

“Eh, what was that suggestive picture of pine and river?”
To those of you who are disappointed.
Please look closely at the picture of the pine tree. It has a rope around it. This picture is not a temple, but a shrine (the couple cedar of Takachiho Shrine in Miyazaki Prefecture)!
Also, the picture of the river was taken at Amanoiwato Shrine in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Perhaps some of you noticed the lie from these two pictures?

“I wasted time during a busy period. Give me back my time!”
To those of you who are still angry.
I won’t let you lose anything.
Please bear with me a little longer.

Truth from a lie? Lie from the truth?
In fact, there is a temple that is affectionately known as the "Breast Kannon"!

In fact, there is a temple that is affectionately known as the "Breast Kannon"!
The place is Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Its name is Mama Kannon.
Locally, it is known by the name of "Breast Kannon".

Upon investigation, everything in the precincts of Mama Kannon is all about breasts.
First of all, the motif of the Chozuya (purification trough) is a breast.
Water is said to come out from the nipple part of the stone statue shaped like a breast.
(I'm not sure whether I want to wash my hands or not...)
In addition, there are breast patterns on ema (votive picture tablets), and breast sculptures on incense burners.
It feels like breasts are likely to appear even in my dreams.

The benefits range from unique ones such as wishes for breastfeeding and breasts (!) to standard ones such as easy delivery, matchmaking, good luck, and warding off evil. It covers a wide range of topics!

This is something you have to visit!

Usually, there is an atmosphere that makes it hard to talk about topics related to sex.
Even the author of this article has never uttered the word “breasts” in his daily life!
But on the other hand, sex is also a problem that everyone has close to them.
In fact, when I see photos of people who have visited the Mama kannon temple,
I can feel a sense of humor and it gives me energy.

The report and reveal about the fictional temple are over!
Did you enjoy it?

Imagination is creativity!
The famous Dr. Einstein also said that imagination is more important than knowledge,
And John Lennon sang, “Imagine… Imagine…”

I hope you all spread your wings of imagination and fly to a new life!

Pigeons in Arashiyama, Kyoto
Pigeons in Arashiyama, Kyoto