Special Feature on Valentine's Day, Shines, Temples, Churches, and Monuments
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Nagasaki, the city of love, a place you want to visit on Valentine’s day

Hello! It’s been a while ♪ I’m wool, a writer.
Valentine’s Day is finally coming♡

When Valentine’s Day approaches, I can expect special sweets sold within limited period♡
After all, chocolate is a must-buy because shop anywhere has its unique new products♡

When we talk about Valentine's chocolates, they're of course gifts for husbands, boyfriends, and appreciated seniors. But above all, the best part is indulging and treating oneself, which is a major point, right? Ü

To all the hardworking ladies out there, let's fully enjoy Valentine's Day this year!!

Of course, gourmet food is also a part of Valentine’s Day, but this time, as Valentine’s special feature, we will introduce stylish love power spots in Nagasaki that you can easily go to even from Tokyo for girls who just want to have fun during the Valentine season!

Step1Make Love Come True

Stylish Glover Gerden♪
Stylish Glover Gerden♪

Glover Garden is a popular tourist spot in Nagasaki, about 30 minutes from Nagasaki Station. There is a “heart stone” that is said to make your wishes come true. ♡
It is said that if you find all the heart stones in the park and touch them, your love wishes will come true. If a couple finds them together, they'll be blessed with happiness. This is the powerful spot to boost your luck in love, whether you're single and searching for a partner or already in a relationship!!

Glover Garden is a spot where you can learn about the history of the Meiji era, and 9 mansions where foreigners lived in the past remain. Those mansions were built at the time of the opening of Nagasaki Port. The stylish garden and each mansion create a graceful time. That is how Valentine’s Day looks like, as if you slipped back in time to the Meiji era. ♡

At the “Retro Photo Studio” in the park, you can rent Meiji retro costumes ♪ Dress up and enjoy your time in the garden even more! Ü

  • From Glover Garden, you can get a panoramic view of Nagasaki Bay♪
    From Glover Garden, you can get a panoramic view of Nagasaki Bay♪
  • Wearing retro outfits really lifts the spirits♡
    Wearing retro outfits really lifts the spirits♡

Glover Garden, 8-1 Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki City
❀By Nagasaki Bus: 7 minutes’ walk from "Matsugaebashi International Terminal" or "Ouratenshudo-shita"
❀7 minutes on foot from "Ouratenshudo Station" by Nagasaki Electric Tramway Line No.5.

Admission Fees: Adults: 620 yen / High school students: 310 yen / Elementary & Junior high students: 180 yen (Admission fee for group may vary)
Operating Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (From April 28th to October 9th, open until 8:30 pm or 9:30 pm)

Step2Pray for Love

Oura Church (Basilica)
Oura Church (Basilica)

Right next to Glover Garden is the "Oura Church," which is also a World Heritage!
It's a historic church where you can pray for a new love... or reassure the love with your boyfriend... By doing so, you will surely be immersed in happiness on Valentine’s Day ♡

Oura Church is also a popular spot for weddings♡
Being in a lovely church, bathed in the light filtering through the stained-glass windows and being watched over by the Virgin Mary, is definitely a blessed wedding, right? "It would be nice to have a wedding here someday...♡"
Whispering this to your boyfriend might just make your wish come true...♡ Eek♡!

Oura Church, 5-3, Minami-Yamatecho, Nagasaki
❀Nagasaki Bus: "Ouratenshudoshita" - 5-minute’ walk from.
❀Nagasaki Electric Tramway Route 5: "Tenshudo Station" - 5-minute walk.

Admission fee: Adults: 1,000 yen / High school and junior high students: 400 yen / Elementary students: 300 yen (Admission fee for group may vary).
Operating hours: Regularly 8:30 am - 6:00 pm (Last admission at 4:30 pm) / Winter: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (Last admission by 5:00 pm).

Step3Warm up your Love

After all, Valentine's Day is said to be the day for confessing love and giving gifts to reaasure the love between two people♡.
On this special Valentine's Day, why not visit a spot where you and your partner can reassure each other of your love?

I❤YOU at Spectacles Bridge

Spectacles Bridge
Spectacles Bridge

The Nakashima River, over which the "Spectacles Bridge" spans, is lined with stylish, adorable cafes and gift shops. Walking along it with your partner naturally brings about conversation, making it a spot that's sure to bring out smiles in both of you Ü.
Walking along the river, you will fall in love with your partner’s smile again.♡

There are “I” and “❤” stones that you can take pictures with.
Let’s find them together, take a picture, and assure your love for each other. You can also secretly ask your partner to stand next to the heart and complete the “I❤YOU” letters in the photo. That would be fun too!

Spectacles Bridge, Nagasaki City, Furukawa Town
❀Nagasaki Bus: 3 minutes’ walk rom "Meganebashi" stop.
❀Nagasaki Electric Tramway Line 5: 5 minutes’ walk from "Meganebashi Station".

Make anniversaries even more romantic

The night view from the "Inasayama Observatory" is called the "million-dollar night view ", and its beauty is so renowned that it's considered one of the top three night views in the world. It's also a classic spot for marriage proposals♡.
Sharing a priceless moment in this sanctuary of love and assuring your love with your partner is especially fitting for anniversaries, isn't it?♪

  • Million-dollar night view
    Million-dollar night view
  • You'll want to capture the city lights within the heart.♪
    You'll want to capture the city lights within the heart.♪

At Inasayama Observatory, especially on anniversaries, if you're the type who loves to go all out with surprises for your partner, this place is a must-visit.

At Inasayama Observatory, not only can you enjoy the romantic city lights, but you can also dine in their restaurant♪
Perfect for anniversaries, "Restaurant ITADAKI" offers a special dessert buffet from February 13th to February 17th in celebration of Valentine's Day, so be sure to check it out♡.
Continue the anniversary surprise at the restaurant...♡.

Inasayama Observatory, 364, Inasa-chō, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture
❀Nagasaki Bus: Drop at "Inasayama" stop ⇒ 5 minutes by slope car.
❀Free shuttle bus to Inasayama Park also available.

Slope car fees:
Round trip Adults: ¥500/High school & middle school students: ¥370/Elementary school & toddlers: ¥250 (Admission fee for group may vary).
One way Adults: ¥300/High school & middle school students: ¥220/Elementary school & toddlers: ¥150 (Admission fee for group may vary).
Operating hours 9:00~22:00

Restaurant ITADAKI Official Website ⇒https://www.inasayama.com/itadaki/

Step4Fully Enjoy the Love

In Dejima, where buildings from the Edo to Meiji period are reproduced, there is a street that makes girls’ hearts flutter with a combination of Japanese and Western cultures.

The table in the captain's room showcases Christmas from that time period.
The table in the captain's room showcases Christmas from that time period.

A lot of rooms as if it is a Sylvanian Families set. Good for pictures.♡

The fusion of Japanese and Western furniture is so stylish, it feels like a dollhouse.♪
The fusion of Japanese and Western furniture is so stylish, it feels like a dollhouse.♪

Whether you're solo traveling enjoying the exotic atmosphere, having a lively chat about love with girlfriends, or deepening your bond with your partner, Dejima is the place to fully embrace the Valentine's Day spirit!

The adorable
The adorable "mini Dejima.

And there's another recommended photogenic spot you'll want to visit with your partner... the night view!
When night falls, the Omotemon Bridge of Dejima and the park get beautifully illuminated♡

  • Omotemon Bridge of Dejima
    Omotemon Bridge of Dejima
  • The pathways are all lit up!
    The pathways are all lit up!

Take a stroll around the entire perimeter of Dejima and fully indulge in the breathtaking night view. It's a guaranteed way to feel even closer to your partner.

Dejima, 6-1, Dejima-machi, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki Prefecture
❀Nagasaki Electric Trameway Line 1: Right at "Dejima" or a 1-minute walk from "Shinchichukagai."

Entrance fee: Adults: 520 yen / High school students: 200 yen / Elementary & Junior High students: 100 yen (Admission fee for group may vary.)
Operating hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm (Last entry at 8:40pm.)

Why not spend Valentine's Day at Nagasaki's romantic spots?
Whether it's a special day you're celebrating with your partner or you're on a solo trip to boost your love luck or as a treat for yourself Ü

Let's make it the best day for all the ladies to fall in love on Valentine’s Day ♪

A flight from Tokyo and in just 2 hours, a new romantic adventure or a memorable day with your partner awaits you❤.

The start of Valentine’s Day is Nagasaki Station♡
The start of Valentine’s Day is Nagasaki Station♡